Department of Orthodontics

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The main aim of the Department is: 

(a)   The training of the undergraduate students of the 7th, 8th, 9th και 10th semester of the Dental Studies in the field of Orthodontics

(b)   The training of the postgraduate students of the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics

Undergraduate Studies

 (a) Theoretical courses in the field of Orthodontics which aim to provide knowledge regarding the evaluation of normal or deranged relationships of the anatomical structures of the craniofacial complex, the recognition of the occlusal and skeletal malformations as well as the provision of knowledge for the diagnosis, prevention and management of occlusal problems of the deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition.

(b) Clinical Training and teaching of diagnostic tests in Orthodontics and the capabilities the latter provide, such as the provision of knowledge for the etiology and diagnosis of Angle Class I, Class II and Class III occlusal problems with the corresponding treatment mechanics used for their prevention, interception and management. Moreover, it includes clinical training and lectures regarding problems concerning various craniofacial anomalies and syndromes as well as detailed information for the combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery for the management of the latter.

Postgraduate studies

The Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics aims to train graduate dentists in the Discipline of Orthodontics, to promote the knowledge and the research development in this specific field and to prepare the dentists in order to practice Orthodontics within a modern and advanced level, providing full and wide academic treatment and adequate clinical experience in several treatment methods. The program aims to train the Dentist theoretically and practically in a way that at the end of his studies he will be able to:

(a) To recognize and understand the malocclusions of the teeth and the dentofacial complex in general, as well as the malfunction of the maxillofacial complex

(b) To apply preventive, interceptive or therapeutic treatment for the management of the above-mentioned malocclusions with appropriate teeth movement or with control of the growth of the dentofacial complex through orthodontic or orthopedic forces respectively.

(c) To co-operate with other experts in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with skeletal dentofacial deformities, craniofacial anomalies and cases with occlusal problems, the treatment of which requires co-operation with other specialties or fields of Dentistry or Medicine.

Since September 1st, 2014, the postgraduate programme in Orthodontics of the Department of Orthodontics of the School of Dentistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, has been recognized as a full member of the Network of Erasmus Based European Orthodontic Postgraduate (NEBEOP) programmes, as indicated on the NEBEOP website (

Moschos A. Papadopoulos Professor & Chairman +30-2310-999482, +30-2310-999556
Olga - Elpis Kolokitha Associate Professor +30-2310-999574
Theodosia N. Bartzela Assistant Professor   +30-2310-999556
Athina Chatzigianni Assistant Professor +30-2310-999556
Past Faculty      
Georgios Kolokithas Professor Emeritus    
Athanasios E. Athanasiou Professor    
Nikolaos Topouzelis Professor    
Sossiani Sidiropoulou - Chatzigianni Assistant Professor    
Andreas Zafeiriadis Assistant Professor    
Eleni Markovitsi - Georgiadou Assistant Professor    
Ioulia Ioannidou - Marathiotou Professor    
Smaragda Kavvadia - Tsatala Associate Professor    
University Scholars      
Scientific Collaborators      
Eleftherios Kaklamanos +30-2310-999556  
Andreas Karamouzos +30-2310-999556  
Evaggelia Chatzistavrou +30-2310-999556  
Eirini Tsagkari +30-2310-999556  
Effimia Koumpia +30-2310-999556  
Konstantinos Lazaridis +30-2310-999556  
Postgraduate Degree Students (Περίοδος 2018-2021)    
Thomas Georgiadis +30-2310-999559  
Vasileios Dontsos +30-2310-999559  
Vasileios Evaggelidis +30-2310-999559  
Dimitrios Katsanos +30-2310-999559  
Georgios Kouvelis +30-2310-999559  
Aikaterini Papadimitriou +30-2310-999559  
Doctorate Degree Students      
Ioannis Zogakis +30-2310-999556  
Konstantinos Kontos +30-2310-999556  
Aggeliki Mazari +30-2310-999556  
Pericles Panos +30-2310-999556  
Fadi Tarawneh +30-2310-999556  
Konstantinos Bakos +30-2310-999556  
Eleni Margariti +30-2310-999556  
Konstantina Theofanidou +30-2310-999559, +30-2310-999542  
Graduates of the Postgraduate Program    
Antoin Assouad 1994-1997    
Eleni Gianniou 1994-1997    
Theodora Koutsikou 1994-1997    
Fotini Mouameletzi 1994-1997    
Giannis Papageorgiou 1994-1997    
Lamprini Papageorgiou 1994-1997    
Ioanna Georgiakaki 1997-2000    
Andreas Karamouzos 1997-2000    
Anestis Mavropoulos 1997-2000    
Vasileios Peitsinis 1997-2000    
Anna Diamantidou 2000-2003    
Aggeliki Mazari 2000-2003    
Georgia Pappa 2000-2003    
Panagiotis Fourkas 2000-2003    
Nikolaos Koupis 2003-2006    
Aristides Melkos 2003-2006    
Pericles Panos 2003-2006    
Alexandra Papadopoulou 2003-2006    
Fadi Tarawneh 2003-2006    
Christiana Gkioka 2006-2009    
Eleftherios Kaklamanos 2006-2009    
Louiza Malahia - Gerontopoulou 2006-2009    
Sofia Mavroudi 2006-2009    
Ariel Sluzker 2006-2009    
Christina Chatzinikita 2006-2009    
Eleni Alexiou 2009-2012    
Konstantina Almpani 2009-2012    
Argiro Kehagia 2009-2012    
Kleomenis Pamfilidis 2009-2012    
Anastasia Pariskou 2009-2012    
Maria Chatzoudi 2009-2012    
Maria Kourakou 2012-2015    
Ilias Mystakidis 2012-2015    
Anastasia Pouliaki 2012-2015    
Aikaterini Samandara 2012-2015    
Zoi Triantopoulou 2012-2015    
Kleopatra Tsiouli 2012-2015    
Ilias Giantikidis 2015-2018    
Ioannis Doulis 2015-2018    
Georgios Emmanouilidis 2015-2018    
Vasileios Zymperdikas 2015-2018    
Konstantinos Marathiotis 2015-2018    
Electra Toulia 2015-2018    
Doctorate Degree Holders (Dr. Dent.)      
Theodora Koutsikou 2000    
Eleni Gianniou 2001    
Olga Kolokitha 2002    
Ioanna Georgiakaki 2003    
Athanasios Nasiopoulos 2003    
Ioannis Papageorgiou 2007    
Andreas Karamouzos 2007    
Evangellia Chatzistavrou 2009    
Alexandros Moullas 2010    
Ioanna Gidarakou 2011    
Alexandra Papadopoulou 2013    
Ioannis Manoukakis 2014    
Georgia Pappa 2014    
Carole Mouhanna - Fattal 2015    
Michaela Giannopoulou 2016    
Anastasios Zafeiriadis 2017    
Konstantinos Lazaridis 2017    
Effimia Koumpia 2018    
Honorary Doctorate Degree Holders  (Dr. Dent. Hon.)      
Robert Moyers 1980    
Erich Hausser 1985    
Thomas Graber 2005    
Samir Bishara 2010    
Thomas Rakosi 2015