Welcome of the Head of the School of Dentistry

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

 Welcome to our new updated website: http://www.dent.auth.gr of the School of Dentistry of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The School of Dentistry has changed completely after two years of creative presidency. Complete renovation of buildings and facilities, new facilities and modern reception areas for the public compose the new setting of the School of Dentistry of AUTh.

The former autonomous Faculty of Dentistry is now called the School of Dentistry of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Through the historical reference of our website, you may notice that the School has come a long way following its foundation 67 years ago with continuous improvement and impressive development over the last years that classify it among the most certified scientific structures of the world.
Our well trained students and the successful scientific and professional careers of our graduates is the best proof of the scientific work that takes place in our School every day.
With a scientific staff that is recognized in the international community, the School tries to be, if not ahead, at least within the current developments and programs of studies raising its prestige, so that the whole of the society benefits.
It is a modern School, with state-of-the-art equipment, stylish classrooms, three (3) amphitheaters and modern conference rooms for direct connection to foreign Universities for the exchange of scientific knowledge.
It is one of the only Departments in the Aristotle University that has conference rooms in the Mandalide building, which with its modern facilities often hosts multiple scientific events.

New lessons were given to undergraduate students of first years, mainly in practice, for better integration into the educational process that will follow in the following, clinical stages of their practice.
The proper management of human resources and the rational management of finances gives us autonomy in terms of our operation but at the same time we demand from the state to respond more to the strengthening of the Department in modern equipment and to the renewal of staff.
Finally, the internationally recognized Postgraduate Program is the gold standard of AUTh's School of Dentistry, which literally relies on the self-esteem of faculty members who give their best to keep the level of education provided in high international standards.
Thank you all for your contribution to our School.
Lampros Zouloumis
Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Head of the School of Dentistry of the Faculty of Health Sciences