Department of Operative Dentistry

Οριζόντιο μενού

General Info

The Department of Operative Dentistry belongs to the Section of Pathology and Therapeutics of Dental Tissues. The main objective of the Department of Operative Dentistry is to educated dental students on the subject of operative dentistry, which includes basic knowledge in diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of caries and other diseases of hard dental tissues. Additionally the Department is offering a three year postgraduate course in Operative Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry, which leads to Master of Sciene (MSc) degree .

University Scholars: 


Head of Department:   Kosmas Tolidis

Staff:                            Dimitrios Dionysopoulos

                                    Elizabeth Koulaouzidou 

                                    Pantelis Kouros

University Scholars:    Olga Gerasimidou

                                    Petros Mourouzis

                                    Dimitris Strakas